Let the bidding begin!

We’re in the homestretch here at Enterprise by Design with just two weeks left to go before the grand finale! After last week’s maths session where the students had to calculate their target market, and the week before where they had to develop elevator pitches, our teams are ready for their first taste of competition!

Hopefully the weeks of brainstorming and planning have all paid off, because this week it’s all about figuring out ways to impress the judges! It’s a unique night for our teams, because our experts have put on a good ole’ auction!

Why an auction, you ask? Well our teams have been given the chance to bid on assets such as projectors, tv stands, posters and consultancy sessions with the experts. Each team started with 1000 points each and were able to bid on the things they needed most. By the end of the night, some teams found it was most important to have a large projector and tv stand, where other sued up their budgets on time with the experts in a last attempt to see if their idea is viable. Students bought time slots from experts from Business, Music and Media, Psychology, Technology and Innovation.

Invaluable advice from the experts…

For instance, team Daisy who are developing an interactive water bottle for dementia patients had a session with Carwyn in technology who helped give them ideas for how to develop the electronics within the water bottle. He suggested ways that the team might install dosage switches onto the bottle, and helped estimate how much the production costs would be for a water bottle with those sorts of capabilities. This feedback was vital for the team to find out in time for the finale, as these sorts of specifications will be important to the judges.

For team Crocus, who are developing respite holidays for dementia patients and carers, the advice from Steffan in Music and Media was to keep their idea simple and understandable. He encouraged them to use their final ideas an an advert for their project that tells a clear story of their idea and sums it up in a nutshell.

By the end of the night teams went away with a few resources and some much needed advice. For some, their displays will be business-standard presentations. For others, their displays will have to get creative in wowing the judges in another way!

Check back with us next week to see how the students are faring in the last challenge of Enterprise by Design!