Throughout the weeks, our Enterprise by Design Teams have been learning valuable information across engineering, design, media, business and science that has helped them build on their ideas. From learning about effective design, researching their market, using sustainable materials and visiting their partnering businesses, the teams have taken their ideas from scribbles on paper to pitching full fledged products and packaging. Now that we’re halfway through, our teams have done their research, connected with DMM and Halen Môn and started to put together designs in order to pitch their ideas for the first time in Pecha Kucha presentations!

Why Pecha Kucha? 

If you’ve read our blog or seen our videos in past years, you’ll know a big part of Enterprise by Design is using Pecha Kucha in the finale in front of the judges! So it’s important for our teams to do a practice round in week five. The teams have to present in a unique style, called PechaKucha, which gives them only 10 slides to present their ideas, and with only 20 seconds per slide. 

Students have to beat the clock to finish their presentations before their videos begin, which follow directly after their precisely timed slides. With a 30 second video to convey their message, teams are encouraged to create a clip that gives the judges a gist about their product design and target market specifically for DMM and Halen Môn. This quick but efficient style of presenting requires the students to showcase their ideas through clear and succinct points, and present a video that will be unique and memorable to the audience and judges! 

Need a refresher on our teams’ briefs? Check out our blog for week one and their unique partnerships with Halen Môn and DMM!

Creating a high quality product for a high quality brand-Teams for Halen Môn

On their recent trip to Halen Môn, our EBD teams learned a lot about how Halen Môn’s salt products are manufactured and how important quality is to their brand. From this, our EBD teams took that in mind when presenting on egg products that use Halen Môn’s signature salt. Teams Tulip and Salty Minds considered Halen Môn’s current customers by wanting to appeal to high end and health conscious customers. 

Tastes good to you, tastes better to the earth.

Slogan from Team Tulip’s Egg Idea

By creating an edible product with minimal packaging, our Halen Môn teams presented salted egg products in their presentation for restaurants, healthy eaters and foodies. The teams considered tomato vine leaves and recycled cardboard designs, as well as high end lunch boxes that combined eggs and salad with a bamboo fork as its utensil. In their pitches, our Halen Môn teams were able to visually represent their ideas, show the benefit of their products to their target market and present creative short videos ads that highlight the possibilities of a Halen Môn salted egg product!

Packaging that stands out-Teams for DMM

Our DMM teams had  the challenging task of coming up with new packaging for the climbing brand. Two of our teams, Team Carnation and Team Iris, gave presentations on their ideas, which included them researching the competitors, considering product displays, and speaking to the company themselves about their wants and needs for packaging their products. In their presentations, the teams identified areas that were important aspects of their ideas, such as having packaging that stands out in a distinctive design as well as considering DMM as a brand, the retailers involved in the process, and the needs of the consumer. 

For our DMM teams, their Pecha Kucha presentations were a great way for them to show their understanding of the different areas they’d been learning about through the weeks and to gain feedback from our academic experts. Through presenting, the teams were able to show how they were considering all the aspects of creating a new product, from packaging materials, eye-catching design, practicality in packaging for distributors, researching the company’s existing market and delivering a product that matches with a company’s ethos and brand! 

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