It started with a night of brainstorming…

Thinking outside of the box…

Week three of Enterprise by Design might be our most exciting yet! After week one of learning about the brief, and last week’s talk on dementia,the teams are ready for some quickfire branstorming sessions called Crazy Eights! 

Crazy eights is an idea generator exercise where groups brainstorm together and alone in several sessions throughout the night.In the beginning, students were encouraged to come up any kind of ideas that would make North Wales a memorable place for visitors, the bigger the better for the first round! No matter the budget, size or length of the projects, the teams came up with ideas that could be useful in North Wales. 

Crazy Eight Ideas!

Some of the ideas that they came up with are:

  • Programs with kids or animals during tourism experiences for dementia patients.
  • An app that can provide the resources of all Dementia and Alzheimer’s societies and programs in one place that can be useful for patients and carers.
  • A smart watch that is connected to family, friends, and the patient’s home which can help with everyday care and patient safety.

After a few rounds of crazy eights, the teams then had the difficult task of narrowing down their initial ideas into more tangible, doable ideas that they then have to pitch to the experts. Between the many individual ideas of students across business, ats, science and engineering, each team had to pick one idea to get behind and present to one of the experts.

The Final Pitch

Andy explaining Crazy Eights to the teams

An example of a pitch that was presented is a customized vacation package for families with someone who has dementia that is fully staffed and guided for the needs of the patients, carers and family for a fun and safe trip! 

Though the students still have a ways to go before creating concrete ideas they can present on, this initial pitch shows there is loads of potential for wellness and tourism in North Wales! To see more of the Crazy Eight’s process, watch our week three video here!