This week in Enterprise by design…its all about Maths! Some people in our teams love it, others hate it, but one thing that is for sure is that knowing a bit of maths is definitely going to be useful! For the brief, one of the most important aspects of our teams’ presentation to the judges will be their research into the statistics of their product.

Dr. Iestyn Pierce, the head of the school of computer science and electronic engineering at Bangor University gave our teams a lesson in engineering, aka the art of estimation! In order for the judges to know just how viable the teams’ products could be, the students will have to estimate the size of their market and be able to defend their estimations. Our teams are learning the art of estimation this week, and it’s all brains on board if they’re going to be ready in two weeks to give their big presentations!

The teams have to identify…

  • Their target market
  • Who may have need of their product
  • What category their product falls under
  • The key benefit of their product/service
  • A unique differentiator that separates their product from anything else on the market
Maths is hard, man!

We won’t bore you with a ton of maths, but by learning to use estimation our students will hopefully be able to define their market segment and know their customers more. They will also be able to identify the ways that the teams’ products could be more useful than their competition. The main thing it will help our students do is to be able to help their audience and the judges know the benefits of their products and to clearly lay out exactly where it fits within the market.

To get a taste of what our presentations will be like in two weeks, check out our latest video below! The student’s had to do a Pecha Kucha presentations two weeks ago which is a quickfire presentation style that has the students present their product, pitch it to the audience and then show a twenty second clip of what their product is all about. To learn more about the presentations, visit the blog post here!