Throughout the 10 weeks, our teams are challenged to innovate, think outside the box, and most importantly, work together as a team. One of Enterprise by Design’s biggest advantages is the ways it assimilates real workplace environments through multidisciplinary collaboration-something that the traditional classroom setting doesn’t provide. In week two, we got to see just how well our teams began working today, with their first ever challenge!

Using paper, cutters, pencils and tape to create objects, our teams started a folding challenge. They were given key words to help them create functional forms with their tools that serve a purpose. 

With just ten minutes to create, a flurry of paper scraps and tapes echoed throughout the room as our teams quickly tried to create something that matches the keyword they were given. A myriad of forms were created, from spirals and cylinders, pyramids, boxes, chains, fans and more. One team even managed to create something that resembled a slope for toy cars!

Each team had to create objects that either: 

  • Change size
  • Strengthen
  • Articulate
  • Protect
  • Join Things
  • Store Energy

As the night went on, students were challenged not only to work creatively, but to work quickly. Every ten minutes the team had to vary the things that they were making, with the outcomes being to make as many variables as possible. Andy Goodman, Director of Pontio Innovation, hoped that a quickfire challenge like this would get the teams to think, create, and collaborate.

“Teamwork is something we’re definitely going to evolve on. This is an excellent experience to innovate, strip back the complications and come up with simple ideas together.” -Oliver Evans, Design student

By the end of the challenges, our teams had collectively all created a library of forms, and displayed the best of their works at the front of the room. In the same way students had created forms based on keywords, now they were tasked with judging each other’s work on a new set of criteria.

Forms were judged on:

  • Success
  • Creativity
  • Sustainability
  • Quality of Engineering
  • Collaboration
  • Ingenuity
  • Beauty

What started out as simply paper, scissors and tape was now a collection of forms that got our students thinking about design, sustainability, packaging and aesthetics. Teams voted on the top designs, some even testing out the functionality of what they’d created with eggs! In weeks to come, this early challenge will help our teams work collaboratively on sustainable, functional and engaging designs for their plans with partnering businesses Halen Mon and DMM. 

Listen to Iestyn Pierce, head of the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering describe this unique challenge and how it helped our teams generate ideas!

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