Medical Devices

Local design duo, UW Designs, collaborate with AIM floated company, CREO Medical, to design and prototype innovative medical devices. Having been introduced to each other via API initially, the relationship developed further with UW Design utilising the range of equipment and breadth of knowledge available at API to aid with the prototyping process.


Creating innovative medical device prototypes without access to the sophisticated equipment required.


Make use of the ground-breaking facilities available at Arloesi Pontio Innovation; the commercial 3D printer, laser cutters, CNC mills and so on.


Production of complete prototypes that satisfy client needs ready to move forward to the next step on the road to market.

UW Designs was established as a design consultancy by Bangor University graduate George Ulrich and his business partner David Webb. Technical support provided by Arloesi Pontio Innovation has enabled the company to develop a prototype endoscopy device with CREO Medical.

Based in Felin Fawr, Bethesda, having access to the ground-breaking facilities at Arloesi Pontio Innovation has provided a great boost to the company. It has enabled UW Designs to undertake research and design preparatory work previously out of reach in terms of their financial viability. API is supporting local innovation on its way to global success. The industrial design consultancy innovate products through all stages of design, from concept generation, through prototyping and into production. The duo’s success has resulted in the decision to build a brand new facility just outside Llanberis.

George, a former student of Arloesi Pontio Innovation’s Design Director Dr Andrew Goodman said, “Arloesi Pontio Innovation is such a useful facility for a small company such as ours. The benefits of being able to plan, test and prototype our designs here in Bangor will enable us to develop viable commercial products which is going to be so valuable for our business.”

CREO Medical is a medical device manufacturer based in Chepstow, South Wales. They develop, manufacture and commercialise clinically innovative medical device technologies with granted patents in Japan, China, USA, Europe and UK. They have successfully floated on AIM, raising £20m investment and giving Creo a market capitalisation of £61.2m. Another £48.5m investment was recently raised in 2018.

Andy Goodman, Design Director of API, said, “To see UW Designs take their ideas to a stage where their designs are about to be launched in the States is a great example of what Arloesi Pontio Innovation can do for any small business. We hope many other innovative projects similar to these will be able to flourish through API.”

George and Dave discussing the development of a project using prototypes in their workshop.

Medical device components 3D printed in digital ABS on Arloesi Pontio Innovation’s Stratasys Connex 3 3D printer.

Computer generated visualisation of the completed medical device.