It’s week 9 here at Enterprise by Design and we are only one short week away from the finale! Our teams have been working hard over the last few weeks, and it’s now time to put the final touches on their presentations. For this week, our focus is filmmaking! At the end of the Pecha Kucha presentation next week, our students will need to present a 30 second “promo” video about their new product.

(Wondering what in the world is Pecha Kucha? Check out our week 6 blog here!)

Filmmaking Week

Steffan Thomas from the School of Music and Media talked to the teams about creating an effective video that will impress the judges and clearly show the benefits of their products. In order to tell a story and to build a relationship with the audience, it’s essential that the short films are shot correctly. So he walked the students through specific styles of filming/camera work to make their short film look professional, even if it’s just filmed on a phone! It may seem simple for our teams to put short films together with their phones, but they will need to plan ahead with scripts, blocking and directing if they want their films to look polished.

Steffan’s Top Do’s and Don’ts!

  • Do create shots that make it clear what location you’re shooting to the audience!
  • Don’t have your actors look directly into the camera, have them looking out of the frame but just to the edge of the screen.
  • Do focus on the relationship between characters using an object, such as a newspaper.
  • Don’t use fancy transitions that will distract from the overall message of the film.
  • Do give your film a sense of time, make it clear if there is a journey, or if the day turns into night!

Creating a Storyboard…

From there our students made short mock films in order to learn the best techniques to use transitions, shooting angles and sufficient ways to tell a narrative in a short pocket of time. Steffan challenged them to create a video that is a journey, from point A to point B, with the most variety of shots possible. Below is one of the team’s films that they made showing the techniques they’ve learned!

Making the adverts memorable

Dr. Gareth Harvey from the School of Psychology then gave our teams some tips in how to make their advert memorable to the audience. He reminded them of the importance of the peak of the advert, which is like the climax and sticks most readily to the viewer’s mind. The peak part of the advert can be so vital to viewers, that their memory doesn’t work directly after watching it! So our teams creating memorable story arcs within their adverts is key in making their idea stand out among the other teams’ films.

The way that viewers are going to perceive the advert is as important as the filming. Making sure that the content of the adverts is tied to existing memory structures will help our teams create adverts that emotionally connect with their audience!

All About Next Week’s Prizes!

After all our teams’ hard work, it’s time to get excited about the winning prizes. At the end of the challenge, our teams can use their funding to develop their ideas and possibly work with local businesses! There is a first, second and third prize to be given out next week to the teams with this most impressive product or service.

The prizes are:

-1st £2500

-2nd £1500

-3rd £500

-Additional £500

Join us next week for the finale of Enterprise by Design! We will be live tweeting the event, so catch up with our updates of the night from our twitter account @EBD_Bangor! See you then!