Week five is one of the most fun and intimidating weeks in Enterprise by Design! Halfway through the process, the teams are starting to truly build their products/services and develop their brand. In order for the experts to see how the teams are developing, they’ve been asked to put together a pecha kucha presentation for the whole group. If you’ve never heard of pecha kucha, you’re in for a fun lesson!

The teams have to present in a unique style, called PechaKucha, which gives them only 10 slides to present their ideas, and with only 20 seconds per slide. Students have to beat the clock to finish their presentations before their videos begin, which follow directly after their precisely timed slides. With a 30 second video to convey their message, teams were encouraged to create a clip that gives the judges a gist about the overall branding they are trying to convey about wellness and dementia tourism in North Wales, and perhaps even present the first glimpses of their product designs.

A look into the presentations…

With a limited amount of time to present, it was crucial for our teams to stick to the pecha kucha format and present their idea fully within the time constraints. Our groups were split into two presenting cohorts, here’s a snippet of the ideas that were presented in Fab Lab!

Team Tulip

The team is really wanting potential tourists to utilize the outside beauty that North Wales has to offer. With a picnic basket specially catered towards dementia patients, team Tulip hoes their basket of tea and sandwiches will help dementia patients get outside and get socializing in the Welsh sunshine!

Team Daisy

Team Daisy’s main focus was mindfulness and hydration for their pecha kucha presentation. They pointed out that hydration is the leading cause of death in dementia patients. To combat this, they presented their product ReMind Wales, which is a smart water bottle that rminds dementia patients to stay hydrated The customizable water bottle will make sounds to remind patients to drink water, which will help increase indepence!

Team Frasia

Traveling can be a stressful activity for dementia patients. Team Fresia hopes to help with this with their personalized signage for dementia patients in toilets, hotels, restaurants, etc. The signs would be bright colors and very visible for dementia patients to clearly see and follow. By offering these signs to establishments, it can help to make North Wales an accessible place for dementia patients and their carers!

For our teams going forward, one of the biggest challenges is getting their ideas across in a clear, engaging way that will convince the judges that their product is a winning concept. Our experts suggested that the best way to do that is being more specific and reinforcing the point of their product. When presenting these types of videos to investors in the real world, it is key that the ideas are concise and that the noise is reduced!

Join us back for the blog next week, where we see they ways that students are making Wales the perfect location for tourists with dementia!