When we said 2020 was going to be a year we were focusing on the transformative process of Enterprise by Design, doing it during a quarantine isn’t exactly what we had in mind! However, despite all of our teams, academic experts and business partners Halen Môn and DMM being in lockdown across the UK and even abroad, EBD is forging ahead! Though we’re not going to be having a physical finale, we are going to be using collaborative digital platforms such as Zoom to still present our teams’ ideas next week! 

We at EBD are sad that after weeks of learning, collaborating and researching, that we can’t have a traditional finale, but we’re excited that thanks to technology, the show can still go on! Just like thousands of businesses across the UK who are having to work remotely, our teams are having to put together full business plans with market research, financial implications and resource requirements and a presentation for the online finale.

While our teams may not be able to work together in person in these final weeks, they are meeting virtually and still receiving the guidance they need from the academic experts to make their ideas viable business opportunities!

Dr Siwan Mitchellmore of the School of Business giving our students advice on writing their upcoming business plans!

So what now?

Our grand finale is still happening, it is just going to be online. Our teams, academic experts and judges will all be in attendance on Zoom where they will watch pre-produced versions of our teams’ presentations. Using Pecha Kucha presentation style, our students will create a 10 minute presentation with slides, a 30 second video and pre-recorded narration over their presentations. 

After the presentations, there will be a live Question and Answer session on Zoom so our judges can learn a bit more about our teams’ business ideas. In past years, our teams have been able to speak with the judges after their presentations and essentially ‘pitch’ to them further with their own stalls like in a market. Students used laptops, posters and promotional materials to get their ideas across. Though our students aren’t able to do that this year, they are able to still present an accompanying website that showcases their teams’ products and packaging. 

We’re disappointed we can’t celebrate with yummy sandwiches, appetisers, desserts and bubbly on the night of the finale like in years before, but we’re still delighted that our students can present their hard earned work over the last 10 weeks. Hopefully, we can still raise a glass at home and congratulate our winning teams!

Catch back up with us next week and follow us on Twitter to find out about our presentations and the winners of Enterprise by Design!