Welcome back to Enterprise by Design 2020! If you’ve never heard about EBD, it’s a 10 week live project for interdisciplinary undergraduate teams across business, arts, science and engineering (BASE) to come together and create a business plan for a local company.

Every Thursday, students are given tasks to complete and expert help from lecturers in the field to develop their ideas. At the live finale, their projects will earn teams in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes worth a total of £5000! In the past, teams have designed apps, services, tourism experiences and even a cruise ship for local companies such as Zip World and Rib Ride.

To check out previous years, visit our blog here!

This year our blog and videos are going in a whole new direction! For 2020, we’re focusing on the process and transformation of our teams from the beginning of their ideas, their initial feelings on the process, the evolution of their projects and how their starting ideas have changed and materialized through the 10 weeks. Our blog and videos will feature interviews from students and our partnering businesses, advice from academic experts, and weekly experiences of our teams! Join us for our weekly mini blogs and videos as we watch our teams’ ideas grow and transform! 

About this year’s Briefs

This year, Enterprise by Design is proud to be partnering with two local, Welsh companies, Halen Mon and DMM. Our group will be separated in half, half working on a brief for Malen Mon and the other half working on a brief for DMM. Over the 10 weeks, teams will develop a business plan based on the needs of these two companies and then teach present a 10 minute Pecha Kucha presentation at a live finale in April in front of a panel of judges.

The Halen Môn Brief

Much like Enterprise by Design, Halen Môn was created with an interdisciplinary team to create a sea salt company back in 1997. Now a popular and trusted brand based on Anglesey, Halen Môn supplies their products to 50 different countries and have a factory, visitor centre, and outdoor cafe that is visited by thousands of visitors every year.

Now, Halen Môn is tasking half of our teams to create a salted-egg product which has sustainable packaging and little waste involved. The salt company prides themselves on purity and design, authenticity and producing local products in North Wales. Our Halen Môn teams will need to think about creating a product that highlights these elements and figure out a target audience for their salted eggs!

The DMM Brief

With over 1,000 products, DMM is known for their high-quality climbing gear, specifically manufactured in Wales. Operating since 1981, DMM creates a lot of life saving equipment that can last a lifetime. What they’re interested in from our teams, is changing up the way they package and present their products to customers.

Selling online and through retailers, DMM want to refresh their packaging to make them out of more sustainable materials, and also appeal to potential buyers. Our DMM teams will have to come up with ideas of ways to package popular products such as carabiners, and do it with as little waste as possible.

Forming our teams on night one!

Check Back With Us Next Week

Each week our students are learning a bit more about different aspects of bringing together a business model. From product design, marketing, funding and local industries, our experts will guide them through real-world tasks that will transform their ideas and hopefully be exactly what the companies and judges are looking for.

Check our Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on the teams’ progress, and learn why this 10 week process is so transformational for our undergraduate teams, and beneficial for local Welsh businesses!